Riivaaja's Lineup


Picture of Cadaver CADAVER plays guitar and vocalizes. Uses Jackson & Charvel guitars, Boss & Korg effects and Marshall & Fender amplifiers.

email: loorni@gmail.com
Picture of Dominus DOMINUS plays bass and harmonica, vocalizes and juggles. Every time you hear an evil voice, it's him! He uses a Yamaha bass guitar, a Peavey 300 watt combo amp, an Indian smell-flute, various diatonic harmonicas as well as a chromatic harmonica.

email: eino_oja@hotmail.com
Picture of Einherjar EINHERJAR joined Riivaaja in August 2000 and plays drums. Unfortunately, time constraints prevented him from playing anything on the Jälleensyntymä CD, but for the Seitsemän CD-EP, he is back in full force!

email: o_d_h_i_n_n@yahoo.com

Riivaaja has excreted all its productions in various home studio enviroments. Until Filosofi-CD recording was done with Tascam Porta One-four track, but everything after that has been recorded digitally. Drums have been recorded at Maja-Studio, and for the Seitsemän CD-EP, at Revenant's rehearsal space using Maja-Studio equipment.